Benia’s Lifechanging Story


"My name is D. Benia. I was born in the year 1993, in an underdeveloped and uncivilized small village in Rayagada, Odisha, to a poor Hindu family.

The first time I saw Christians was during Christmas time in my uncle’s village. After one year, in 2006, I joined a Christian hostel. After some time, the Pastor of the hostel send me to another hostel in a small town. While I was studying in the 10th grade, all the students had gone to their homes for Christmas vacation, and I had to stay in the hostel alone. That’s when I faced the most difficult time of my life. I was battling with many questions in my mind.
Questions such as why couldn’t I go home? I had no money. That was when the cook invited me to celebrate Christmas with him in his village. I went with the cook to his village and while we were celebrating Christmas, certain Hindu extremists came and attacked us suddenly and we were forced to run away from the church to the top of a hill for our safety. It was cold, we had no warm clothes to cover ourselves and we became helpless and started to cry. We tried to be silent because if the Hindus would hear our voices they would try to kill us. When the small children started to cry, we tried to cover their mouths with our hands. It started getting colder and colder throughout the night. We prayed to God and stayed in the hills till morning. The next day, some of the brothers along and I went back to the church to check the building and it was destroyed. We cried out to God at that point.

After many miracles in my life, I dedicated my life to Jesus Christ and made a decision to follow Jesus with my whole heart. In 2012, I met Pastor Johan and started involving with him in his ministry. I was studying in an Industrial Training Institute and I was forced to stop studying due to financial problems. I started working for some time and started studying again for a Diploma in Engineering. Again, I was faced with financial problems and I had to discontinue my studies. I decided to go to Kerala. By God’s grace I was able to clear all my academic dues.

One way our ministry has been greatly blessed is through the distribution of free books by Sathyam Ministries. Our ministry has been able to grow spiritually as we study the Bible and books. The children’s books have been very helpful in our orphanage and school in Orissa and we are able to improve the English vocabulary of the children as well as learn new Bible stories and lessons every time. Our church has been studying topics on prayer and Christian walk with God and from these books our eyes are being opened to newer revelations that God is revealing to His servants.

Our ministry is grateful to God for all the free resources he has blessed us with. As we do not have the finances to purchase new books, we thank God for His provision through the friends and partners of Sathyam Ministries.

Our vision is to change the lives of people by bringing them from darkness to light.
Our mission is to show people the right path to the Truth.
I request you to pray for our ministry, that we may be able to fulfill God’s vision about us and run the ministry in a Godly manner to glorify God’s name."

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