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Bro. Dr. C. V. Vadavana

IMG_7201-300x209 Raised in an Orthodox Roman Catholic family, Dr. C. V. Vadavana served as an altar boy. He was impressed by the simplicity of the priests’ livelihood and he desired to follow their example.  Even as a child he was moved by the poverty he saw in his native home of India. After attending seminary school, C.V decided to become a monk and dedicate his life to serving the poor. He fulfilled that dream in 1980 when he was ordained as a Franciscan monk. Those years served as a season of contentment as he focused on serving the poor.

One day, as C.V was sitting on a very crowded bus traveling into town, a man handed him a gospel tract. Without paying much attention, he shoved the paper into his pocket and went about his day. It wasn’t until he returned to the monastery, that he took out the paper and began to read it. Up to that point, C.V always felt his salvation was dependent on the good works that he did for the poor through the monastery. He read through the small tract and began to open up to the truth about Jesus Christ. He learned that through faith he could accept the grace of God. As he began to read his Bible he was convinced of his sin and need for a Savior. Convicted of his sin, he fell on his knees and confessed Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. C.V learned that his new mission was to preach the gospel to the poor.

After living at the monastery for nine years, C.V left with the blessing of his superior priest and 153 Indian Rupees ($4 US) in his possession. Feeling completely alone, C.V found himself in a corner of a bus station overwhelmed with emotion wondering “God, where shall I go?” In that moment he felt God begin to speak to him and comfort him. He then knew that God would provide for all of his needs as he stepped out in faith to preach the gospel. All he needed to do was trust God and depend on His grace alone. Through 1 Thessalonians 2:1-2, God spoke to C.V and gave him the assurance of His protection and care for him.

C.V was taken under the care of his aunt and uncle as well as some local pastors who encouraged him in the early season of his Christian walk. His began his ministry by printing and distributing tracts as well as a book that he had written about his personal conviction in regard to the Catholic Church. Thus, Sathyam Ministries was born. As the ministry took shape, C.V met and married Marykutty, his wife and co-laborer for over 25 years now.

Today, a main aspect of the ministry is publication and distribution of Christian literature and Bible translation. However, the ministry has expanded to include activities such as church planting and a theological seminary focused on training future village church planting pastors. The ministry also operates an orphanage for children coming from the slums in Mumbai as well as a special needs school and training center for special needs children. Sathyam Ministries operates in the 28 states of India building upon the vision that God gave CV to preach the good news to the poor.

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