Vocational Training


Manga was born in Chinnapuram, a rural village in Andhra Pradesh. Educating her was not a priority for her parents, but, marrying her off was. Her parents chose a groom who was deaf and dumb. At the age of 15, Manga became a wife and now at 19, she is the mother of two little children.

Her husband works in a jute mill earning very little. Manga always wanted to support her husband but being uneducated she could not find a job. When she heard about the free tailoring training that Truth Ministries started at Vijayanagaram she had hope. She joined in the first batch of students and is very happy that she sees a bright future ahead of her.

She said, “I already started looking for a second hand tailoring machine. I will work day and night to support my husband. I thank God for this opportunity, many women like me can find a source of income working from home.”