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Our Mission

We realize that the poor do not need our pity. They do not need our sympathy. What they need is our love and compassion. We do not need to love them from our abundance. We must love them with whatever we have. We must love them with our time, our hands and our hearts.

We believe the Bible, composed of 66 books, is the divinely inspired Word of God; is inerrant in the original autographs; and is the supreme and final authority in faith and life.

Where We Work


One of the goals of Sathyam / Truth Ministries Intl. is to equip able missionaries for evangelization in the North Indian region.


Very often we think that poverty cannot be eradicated, however the problem can be lessened if we are willing to share.


Picture from Sathyam Mission School, Gujarat. With the provision of free education & meeting of other needs.

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Meet the man with the Vision, Mission and the Great Dream

Raised in an Orthodox Roman Catholic family, Dr.C.V. Vadavana served as an altar boy. He was impressed by the simplicity of the priests’ livelihood and he desired to follow their example. Even as a child he was moved by the poverty he saw in his native home of India. After attending seminary school, C.V decided to become a monk and dedicate his life to serving the poor. He fulfilled that dream in 1980 when he was ordained as a Franciscan monk. Those years served as a season of contentment as he focused on serving the poor.

sathyam mission school

educational experience for every child




Sathyam publications is your one window store for every kind of Christian books and Bibles.

With over 32 years of experience in the Indian Christian literature market, we bring you variety of English books and Bibles to indulge to your various needs of reading.A portion of profit from sale of our books and Bibles go towards the development of Justin’s Home (A school and home for differently abled).

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