“It all started with a fever at the age of one; polio is what they called it. It left my legs to have a permanent cripple “says Rosan Stan Joseph. But honestly, that hasn’t stopped him from living his life to the fullest. Rosan claims that he’s always seen the positive side of life and that everything has been destined by the Lord Almighty. “I honestly haven’t felt dishearted with my disability “. With a bright smile on his face, he goes to narrate that it was only his legs that had a problem not the other parts of his body and that was his plus point.

Just as the principle of economics states; one must properly utilize their resources and that’s exactly what he did. While all the boys in his schools were aiming higher in sports, Rosan excelled in other extracurricular activities such as debates, elocutions, recitations, and other literary events.” Growing up I’ve never been shunned down. I’ve always been surrounded by people who generate a good aura “. He goes about laughing as he says that he was at an added advantage because he was able to own and drive a scooter before his fellow mates.” I don’t see anything wrong with me! Do you?”

This happy go, lucky soul, is not only a man of immense will power and motivation. He is a man of true inspiration for each and every one of us to withal. It was in 2014 when Rosan along with his wife started S.H.Paper Bags Co., situated in Changanassery, as an alternative source in place of plastic bags. His venture deals with supplying a full range of custom, wholesale and promotional carrier bags made from paper, cotton, canvas, bamboo, and other environmentally friendly materials.

Apart from this he also goes about conducting classes and training programs on how to make paper bags. He could be taking classes for the underprivileged in Changnassery today and tomorrow he could be conducting a workshop for the inmates in a Sub -jail in Alapuzha. Many people from various age groups have contacted him in order to learn the art of paper bags.” Lots of people who have lost their jobs have come across to seek my help, I’ve taken classes for them so that they can set something up of their own. This is the least I can do for them “. At present Rosan owns three outlets and supplies for major branding companies across India, ‘Life is limited to its time, make your worth shine during that time frame’ is the motto of the pillar that Rosan abides by.