Paulina’s Tailoring and Garments

Empowering the Women

Paulina’s tailoring unit which was started in Kaviyoor in association with Sathyam / Truth Ministries employment programme, has turned out to be a big success.

This tailoring unit was started with the intention of opening employment opportunity and empowering those women in the society who are less educated and downtrodden and who needs encouragement to come forward to the mainstream of life.

The tailoring unit which was opened a few months back seems to be showing much progress with regard to those who are approaching the unit to seek employment. Also, there are many people who appreciate Paulina’s stitching and the garments sold here. Paulina received orders from many people since the inception of the unit and she continues to provide quality work and service to those who kept their trust in her.

Many women are learning stitching from here and is getting equipped themselves to start their own means for living. Paulina herself could make a good profit out of her unit and is much satisfied by the career she chose. Paulina says that she could teach tailoring to many sisters and also seeing people wearing the dresses stitched by her gives her much happiness. These days Paulina is putting all her efforts to enhance her stitching skills and implementing novel ideas in stitching, so that many shall get benefited and blessed through her hard work.