Sathyam MissionSchool

With the provision of free education and meeting up of other essential needs, Sathyam / Truth Ministries Intl. intends to build up the future of these young children on strong foundations that will equip them to grow with confidence in the present competitive world. We see to it that, the values that the teachers impart into the young minds of these children give them a vision and helps them grow as better individuals. The number of children joining the school every year has been increasing as the parents are getting to understand the value of education. We currently have our mission school in Gandhidham, Gujarat.

Currently, more than 400 children are pursuing education here and more than 15 dedicated staff and teachers are training and educating them.

There are a few challenges that these children are facing with regard to the classroom facilities. The classrooms are not up to the mark. Much damage is caused during rainy seasons. The classrooms often demand immediate attention.

There is an urgent need for a new school building. A building that will be a shade to the children at all seasons. We request your prayers and generosity to help us complete this initiative taken to provide quality education and basic facilities to a group of children who are downtrodden in society and badly needs encouragement and upliftment.

Our Address:
Sathyam Mission School,
Antarjal Main Road,
Kidana, Gandhidham 370201, Gujarat.
Phone- +91 9375862389 | +91 9726678844