Theological Seminary

One of the goals of Sathyam Ministries is, to equip able men for evangelization in the North Indian villages where many people have not heard about Jesus Christ. We realized that we could aim towards this goal with the help of a seminary. In order to bring our dream of reaching the North Indian villages with the love of Jesus Christ, Sathyam Ministries started Sathyam Theological Seminary on July 17, 2003, at Mumbai (Bombay).

It was started with a clear vision and direction from the Lord. It was instituted when the Sathyam Ministries clearly felt the need of training native missionaries and sending them out to reach the people irrespective of caste or creed or religion with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was set up because the Sathyam Ministries believes that each servant of the Lord has the right to master the basic doctrines of the Bible which will also prevent the teaching and spreading of false doctrines and being victims of it.

Now Sathyam Theological Seminary is located in Kaviyoor, Kerala, which equips many missionaries. After students complete the course they return back to their native places to proclaim the gospel and gain souls for the Kingdom of God. These students who come from across India prove very effective in communicating the love of God to their brethren.