In May 1988, Sathyam Publications was launched with the mission of “Winning Souls through Christian Literature.” Since then Sathyam Publications is the publishing house of numerous books, Bibles, and Christian resources that are useful in enhancing a believer’s spiritual growth and beneficial for everyday practical Christian living. Over these years, God has enabled us to publish more than five hundred Christian titles. Some of our publishing works include Dake’s Annotated Bible, Bilingual Study Bibles, Bible dictionaries, Bible commentaries, Biographies, Bible references, four hundred different versions of the Bible in various languages, etc. In addition to publishing, you will find a variety of local and international books (more than forty thousand titles) written by renowned Christian publishers, gifts, key chains, journals, verse boards, coffee mugs, Bible covers, and more.

Shopping for Christian Books, Bibles, and other spiritual resources are made enjoyable by our customer friendly team at our head office. Sathyam Publications is located in the bustling town of Thiruvalla in Kerala, with a spacious parking space. Customers are not required to buy books, Sathyam Publications amuses book lovers with its library facility where the public is welcome to enjoy their quiet reading time in the serene atmosphere at the bookshop. We offer special discounts and lots of free books for all age groups. In addition, customers can gift their loved ones near or far as we offer postal and packaging services to local and international destinations.

Our In-house Publications includes:

o  Jeeva Vachanam-Jeeva Vachanam is a monthly Malayalam Christian magazine . It invokes the word of God through its spectacular articles that make one ponder on God’s motive and the future of his fellow creations.

o  Truth AliveTruth Alive is one of the leading monthly Christian family magazines that kick-started in 2009 which has made fame all over the globe. It is published by Truth Ministries, a humanitarian charity into social ministry, education, and evangelization. It seeks to broaden the horizons of the masses.

o  News Letter


Every good deed needs constant support, and our dear bibliophiles are one step ahead. Every time you buy a book from Sathyam Publications you are contributing a portion towards Justin’s Home (a School and Home for Differently-Abled students). Come join us and make a difference in transforming lives.


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