Mobile Team Work


Dr.C.V.Vadavana, the founder of Truth Ministries, has had a long-term vision and passion to own a mobile bookshop that would enable the ministry to spread the Gospel to every village of India. This dream took flight on one occasion when he was visiting the United States and discovered there was a mobile book bus exhibition in Ohio. He immediately flew to the exhibition and visited every company available. He collected brochures and took many pictures to bring back to India in order to design his own bus.  While there were many hurdles, God blessed the ministry and allowed us to purchase a vehicle, which was then converted into a mobile bookshop.

It was named Vachanavahini, which means Messenger of His Word.

Following the birth of Vachanavahini, CV and a team of believers traveled through every state in India twice (except Jammu & Kashmir) in order to spread the word of God to the unreached.

The team

  •     got connected with more than 2000+ churches in India
  •     conducted several literature conventions where they distributed millions and millions of Gospel literature to       the people
  •     filmed Christian movies in 400+ areas
  •     coordinated relief works in Gujarat after the earthquake and in Tamil Nadu after the tsunami

The biggest achievements of this expedition were that a handful of new churches surfaced in the country while many individuals accepted Christ as their Savior and joined pre-existing local churches.

In the long run, Vachanavahini covered more than 200,000 miles. After such a long journey, the bus was no longer capable of carrying loads of books around the country. Recently Vachanavahini has been in Madhya Pradesh. Here the team has been very successful at spreading the word of God throughout the state with numerous gospel tracts. Although the bus has broken down twice in a village where the nearest workshop is 50 miles away, the team has overcame these obstacles and continues to distribute millions of Gospel literature to the people.