Story of Soumya

Soumyamol K.G. hails from a poor family. She is 27 years old. Her parents are laborers. She is the firstborn in the family. She was born as a perfectly normal child but a moment of inattention of the nurse had completely rewritten the story of her life and she was diagnosed to be 75% permanently Disabled.

She had difficulty in activities of daily living, talking and she couldn’t walk without support. Her parents couldn’t afford Special Education for her so they didn’t give her schooling till she was 16. It was then that they heard about Sathyanikethan. “Soumya always wanted to go to school, but we couldn’t even think of that but now God made it possible,” her parents told us when they came to take admission.

For one of the Programmes conducted here at Sathyanikethan, Soumya recited Psalms 23. On coming off the stage she was all in tears of joy. “This is the first time in my life that I am getting on a stage,” she told us. That filled our eyes too.

She was given physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Individualized Special Education, Speech therapy, and Brain stimulating exercises in Sathyaniketan School which resulted in huge changes in her, later. She could now eat by herself, walk for smaller distances without anyone’s support, and do her basic daily chores without anyone’s help.