Vocational Training


Vocational Training at Justin’s Home(Sathyaniketan Special School) saw the
children learning to make Dream Catchers, a showpiece much in demand, for its aesthetic appeal. Dream Catchers are a fascinating tradition and popular in Western countries, and are making their way to Indian homes too. Dr. Linu’s surname conducted a session for the students and guided the children in making
dream catchers.

The activity of putting together a dream catcher imparts ability-based training
to persons with slow learning and cerebral palsy. It helps them use their abilities,
skills, and techniques. Through this activity, the children at Justin’s Home could
concentrate, observe, and learn coordination in putting the colorful dream catcher
together. One main benefit is that it can be easily handled by the students without causing them harm while making it. The whole process also contributed to creating happy moments for the children as they saw the colorful creations

They used different materials like Rings, Threads, Feathers, Beads, Tapestry
Needles, and Scissors. The students were quite interested in each and every step of the product making such as covering the ring with thread, weaving the middle pattern of the ring, and decorating it with beads and feathers as hanging. Dream Catchers are an ideal gift option that can be used in different ways like a car rearview mirror hanging, home decoration, key chain, or as a gift. The students had a good time making dream catchers and it was an enriching experience for them.

Materials required
Session in Progress


Manga was born in Chinnapuram, a rural village in Andhra Pradesh. Educating her was not a priority for her parents, but, marrying her off was. Her parents chose a groom who was deaf and dumb. At the age of 15, Manga became a wife and now at 19, she is the mother of two little children.

Her husband works in a jute mill earning very little. Manga always wanted to support her husband but being uneducated she could not find a job. When she heard about the free tailoring training that Truth Ministries started at Vijayanagaram she had hope. She joined the first batch of students and is very happy that she sees a bright future ahead of her.

She said, “I already started looking for a second-hand tailoring machine. I will work day and night to support my husband. I thank God for this opportunity, many women like me can find a source of income working from home.”