George’s Life Lively Again

George was working as a security guard for an organization. It was around 6 months back that an incident happened, which changed his world forever.

He still remembers the day with terror and tears in his eyes. One day while coming back from work he met with a road accident that caused severe damage to his backbone; this impaired him physically and shattered him both emotionally and financially. After the trauma, George shockingly realized that he could hardly walk. The medical reports said that there were very few chances of recovery.

With a chill running down his spine, he explained the incidents of that brutal day. With a heavy sigh, he said that he would never be able to stand on his feet and that he would have to live as a burden to his family. He, who was supposed to protect the family, in turn, has become a burden. With great remorse in his tone, he said that if he had taken little care while crossing the road he would not have ended up being handicapped.

George’s world collapsed in a day, so did the world of his loved ones who depended on him for their survival. His wife Eliamma George found it very difficult to cope up with the unexpected mishap that happened to her husband. As George couldn’t work as security anymore, he wished to pursue any other job which he could do with the support of a wheelchair.

George said that though he was shattered in the inception, with the grace of God and prayers of his wife he has recovered his strength to move on further with his life. He said “ I am grateful to God that he kept me alive to be with my wife. I thank him that I can at least move by means of a wheelchair.”

He also extended his sincere gratitude to Sathyam Ministries for providing him a free wheelchair and helping him come out from his bedridden and stagnant life. He said “Now I can move around and do my own things, my life is much better now”, thanks to God and Sathyam Ministries’ free Wheel Chair Programme that is helping many to come back lively all over again.