Children’s Ministry

Children are a gift from God. They are active learners drawing on direct physical and social experience, as well as culturally transmitted knowledge to construct their own understandings of the world around them. Children contribute to their own development as they strive to make meaning out of their daily experiences in the home, in church, and in the community.

Children develop and learn best in the context of a community where they are safe and valued, their physical needs are met and they feel psychologically secure. During their primary years, children’s self-esteem (estimation of their self-worth, pride, or shame in their competence) becomes more realistic and accurate. As children mature, they begin to understand the limitation of their own abilities and become more prone to social comparison. This information becomes part of their self-concept and can affect their motivation.

Sathyam / Truth Ministries focuses on the motivation of children. We try to bring children to the right path by practicing a practical development approach in everything we do and offer to children. This means that different age groups of children are treated and taught differently and have different environments, designed to meet their needs.