Upon visits to Mumbai, Dr.C.V. Vadavana often ventured into the slums where he saw many orphaned children wandering the streets without a place to spend the night. One of the most distressing aspects was watching children waiting outside the restaurants to pick up unwanted food from the trash. C.V’s heart became heavy when he learned that these little girls would eventually turn to prostitution and the little boys would likely become drug peddlers and criminals. As a result, C.V was compelled to do something for them. Sathyanikethan (Shelter of Truth) Orphanage was opened on 17 February 2004. It is located in Gandhidham, Gujarat. Currently,  more than 100 children live in our orphanage. A Sathyam Mission School was also opened near the orphanage. The children from the orphanage, along with over 500 students from nearby areas, attend this school.

In June 2011, God enabled us to open one more “Children’s Home” in North Lakhimpur, Assam. Children belonging to the Reang tribe have been accommodated here. With life being difficult for the refugee tribe, this home is a great blessing to the children. All their needs are provided here, and the children can grow in a healthy spiritual environment.

Our team did house visits in the rural areas of Vijayanagaram, Andhra Pradesh to understand the living condition of the children in this area. Our staff found several children deprived of education, food, clothing, and proper shelter. Due to the financial troubles of the families, they were incapable of fulfilling even the basic needs of their children. Timely food and proper clothing haven’t reached these villages even today. It was a felt need to take responsibility for such children by providing them education along with the basic essentials. With this aim, we started Sathyanikethan Children’s home at Vijayanagaram in June 2013, and currently, we have 46 children in our family here.