Church Planting

In February of 2004, while Dr. C.V.Vadavana was visiting the state of Andhra Pradesh, a lady about 80 years old came with tears in her eyes and hugged him. When asked why she was crying, she thanked Dr. Vadavana for sending the Sathyam Theological Seminary students to her village. She wanted to know why the Sathyam / Truth Ministries delayed in sending missionaries to her village.

The words of the old lady was an eye-opener for Dr.Vadavana, he then realized that even though the cities are crowded with mission organizations, pastors, and evangelists, the villages are yet to be reached with the gospel.

Sathyam/Truth Ministries then decided to send missionaries to interior villages that are unreached with the gospel. Training evangelists for village ministry is becoming one of the most important goals of Truth ministries.

We have been able to train men in many batches, teaching them basic Christian doctrines and methods of evangelization. We realized that there are hardly any churches in the villages and recognized the need. We started focusing on remote villages where there were no churches in order to ensure that all people are given the chance to learn about Jesus Christ.