Justin's Home

Jeffin celebrates  his birthday on the same day as Christmas

Jefffin B.G a 28-year-old boy with multiple disorders with 50% disability. He is an orphan and does not know anything about his parents. As per the information received his mother handed over him, when he was a small baby. He has no family background. He brought up in Justin’s home now. He studied up to 8th Standard and can read his mother tongue- Malayalam.

In his childhood, he accepted Lord Jesus Christ as a personal Saviour. He took baptism in his teenage age. He is very much active with all spiritual activities in Justins Home. He considers Mrs. Marykutty And Mr.Vadavana as his mother and father. He has other 42 brothers and sisters living together in Justin’s home.

He has episodes of fever and shivering when emotionally disturbed. He is having a walking and speech problem. He needs speech therapy, physiotherapy, and vocational training. He is interested in watching T.V. He is helping other children in the center.

We request your prayers and support for Justin’s home during this Christmas and New year season.


Dr. C. V Vadavana

(Founder and Chairman)

Justin’s Home


Children are a precious gift from God. From the moment of conception, till a child is born, every parent weaves out dreams and plans about their child. They hope for the best and wish to give him/her the very best they probably can. Our second son Justin was born mentally challenged. But we knew very well, at the bottom of our heart that he is a perfect gift from above and that God counts him special and precious. Justin is not disabled, he is just differently-abled.

Parenting a differently-abled child is not easy; it throws challenges at every stage and demands special attention during all times. When Justin reached 4 yrs of age, we put him in a school where normal children studied. But we started receiving complaints about his inability to adjust and his attitude problems which forced us to remove him from the school. We were told about a school for special children far from our hometown. But due to the long distance, we gave up that idea. At this time, Marykutty suggested the idea of starting a school for disabled children. I didn’t entertain the idea initially. We send Justin to another school near Marykutty’s workplace.

One day while Marykutty was taking classes for the tenth grade, she was interrupted by a helper boy from Justin’s school. Justin had wet his pants and soiled the classroom, but he was least bothered about what he had done. Frustrated, she pleaded to God to help her find a school for special children near her home or help her with the money needed to start a special school. After reading the book “Purpose Driven Life” by Pr. Rick Warren, she got the lead to start a Special School.

Finally, we were able to open Justin’s Home, a Learning Disability Center for mentally challenged children. Since the idea of Sathyam Research Institute and Disability Center was due to our son Justin, the project is named Justin’s Home. Currently, we have 48 children between the age of 3 and 15. Our prayer to the Lord is, may God strengthen our hands to manage this institution and help us to be a blessing and relief to the mentally challenged persons with disabilities and their families.

The Justin’s Home is the realization of this BIG DREAM!