Testimony of Pastor Ratna Prasad

Ratna Prasad is a native of Andhra Pradesh. He received Jesus Christ as his Savior in the year 2006. He studied in Sathyam Bible College for 3 yrs in Kerala and after pursuing his degree, God gave Ratna Prasad the privilege to do His work. Ratna was born into a poor family. His family comprises of his father, mother, and 4 sisters. Ratna Prasad’s father is a pastor and has been serving the Lord for the past 40 yrs. How Ratna Prasad came to know Jesus is pretty amazing. Though Ratna Prasad’s father was a pastor he never believed his father and questioned him on the integrity and existence of God. His father was born in a Hindu family and lost his mother at the age of 10. His father got saved at the age of 19. But out of love, God called his father to do His work.

Ratna Prasad kept rejecting God, he did his own things and lived a sinful life till the age of 19. Though Ratna Prasad didn’t believe in God, one day his father asked Ratna Prasad to join Bible College. This time he thought of obeying his father as something that prompted him to do so. He joined the Sathyam Bible College in Kerala. After joining Bible College, initially, he didn’t feel a personal relationship or calling. But after 3 months, while reading the Bible, God spoke to Ratna Prasad through the verse John 3:16 which is “ For God so loved the world that He gave His only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”.

Ratna Prasad asked God whether He loved him to which the answer was yes. God touched Ratna Prasad’s heart through this verse and influenced him. He realized that God loves him which led him to repentance and confession of his sins. Realizing God’s love for him transformed Ratna Prasad and made him re-dedicate his life with full submission to God and hence God’s plan for Ratna Prasad’s life started unfolding.

After pursuing his graduation Ratna Prasad is now active in God’s service. He is involved in a full-time Ministry. He has been involved in God’s work since 2011 in a village where around 50 believers gather every Sunday and visit other villages to share the love and good news of Jesus. Around 30 Pastors are working in the village with Ratna Prasad. Prayer Meetings are conducted once every month in the village. Ratna Prasad is very happy to be doing God’s work and is grateful to God that God loved him and gave him His work. Also, God gave him a team to lead. Ratna Prasad is grateful that in spite of Ratna rejecting God and not believing Him, God loved Ratna Prasad and equipped him to live for the glory of His name. Now Jesus is his life and purpose.