A New Beginning in the History of Malsom Tribes Of Tripura

Sathyam Ministries has been pacing forward with its mission of seeing lives transformed. Out of its many outreach programmes and charity works, the mission works started for the upliftment of Malsom tribes in the Tuidu, Tripura area is of much significance. It gives us much contentment that we could reach out to a group of people, forsaken in all ways and deprived of the basic human needs and rights.

As illiteracy is the root cause of all problems, we are happy that we could start a mission school for the Malsom tribe children. The construction work of the school is progressing and the furniture needs of the school have been met. Also, the construction work of the hostel for school students is on its feet. A quarter for Pastor Mazaga has been built, so that he can continue with his mission works and awareness programmes among the tribes.

Through our Bible classes, we are equipping a group of elders to build up a strong team of people who can work for the future of these people. Our Bible classes are progressing and meeting its goal so far with God’s grace.

It gives us immense pleasure to see the lives of people transformed and we becoming a cause for it. To our delight, the feedback we got from these tribal people was awesome. They are happy to find God’s hand of protection and provision in their lives, which was once filled with darkness. Pastor Mazaga says that it was like opening the windows of a closed room and letting in the warmth and light of God come in to touch and transform those lives pleading for love and mercy.

Now, they welcome missionaries in their area with enthusiasm and smiling faces. They know that there is someone to care for them. We pray that God enables us to continue to build the lives of others in more mighty ways to the glory of His name.