Justin’s Home Inmates Look Forward to the School Reopening

Dear friends and partners,
Greetings to you in our blessed Savior’s name!
The pandemic introduced us to a new normal. As the lockdown was announced and restrictions
were imposed, students at Justin’s home transitioned to online learning. While this was
challenging, our teachers and social workers were able to receive training and transition to the
new method of teaching, and students adapted to the new mode of learning as well.
While this journey has been one of a kind with us learning many new things, the students look
forward to returning back to their classrooms. After almost a year and a half, the Kerala
government has decided to reopen schools from November. This is good news for us, as parents
and students alike are excited to begin in-person classrooms and activities. We, at Justin’s Home,
are preparing our premises to reopen as per the Covid protocol and with the necessary
In spite of all the changes and obstacles, we have been able to continue our activities and assist
our students and their families with all the required help. While we are thrilled for the school to
reopen we also understand that with the reopening we will have to face a myriad of challenges
with all the new changes. We at Sathyam ministries request your prayers as preparations are
underway for the reopening. Please pray for our teachers and students that we will be able to
reopen without hassle and for God’s guidance, safety, and protection. Thank you for standing
alongside us and for helping us to change the lives of the differently-abled.
Praying for you and your loved ones.
Yours in Christ,
Dr. C.V.Vadavana

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