The Wilderness Companion – Glynda Lomax


Every Christian must pass through the desert on the way to their Promised Land. Wilderness experiences are often times of great uncertainty and change. Our time in the desert seasons of our lives is lengthened or shortened depending on our response to each circumstance. Our faith in Christ is refined in the intense heat of the desert experience as our intimacy with Him increases. Find out how to go from surviving to thriving by partnering with God as He leads you in the path that will strengthen your faith and prepare you to step into your destiny.The Wilderness Companion will help you:* Find out why you have been led into the wilderness* Find out the biggest hindrances to receiving the provision you need in the wilderness* Find out what the Seven Temptations of the Wilderness are* Drastically cut the time you spend in the wilderness by teaching you how to partner with God in His purposes for you in the desert seasons REVISED AND UPDATED JULY 2016

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